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International Woman’s Day, what did you do/are doing?


International Woman’s Day, what did you do/are doing?

By Ryan Portsmouth

This year International Woman’s Day (either March 8 or March 9 depending on what part of the world you’re in) started to make more traction than I have seen in recent years. To be frank, I had never heard of it before I met my wife, Julia. It is big here in Brazil and has been for a long time so she was shocked when I had never even heard of it in 2006.

Moving forward 7-years even the online news publisher Mashable is talking about it. So what next then?

For the women: have a happy day and do something special with your girlfriends

For the men: no matter who the women are, do something nice for the ones who are in your life; it may be your dear ole mum, the missus or your sister. It could be a card, some flowers or simply a gesture like doing the dishes after you cook dinner (for a change).

Let us know what you got up to, ladies what did you do? Guys what did you do for the women in your life?

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